Pittsburgh pIANO mOVERS



Stumpf Moving and storage has specialized in moving pianos for over 80 years, and is proud to be Pittsburgh’s most trusted piano mover. Each year the Stumpf family moves over 300 pianos throughout western Pennsylvania and across the country. This makes Stumpf Moving and Storage western Pennsylvania’s premier piano mover. In addition to moving residential pianos, we are the premier piano mover for professional venues in Pittsburgh's cultural district. We also move pianos for universities, school districts, churches and regional arts and cultural organizations. Regional piano stores also rely on our quality service to deliver newly purchased pianos to their customer's homes.

We enjoy sharing our work with the world through photographs and videos. Follow along with us as we move Pittsburgh forward. You can do this by following us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel. Links to our social media can be found at the bottom of this page.